It’s the change in the consumer attitude that has been linked to the growth of vintage fashion.

This changing trend clearly indicates a shift in their values in terms of more individuality in their styling and garments with the current designs being inspired by the vintage look. It’s no surprise that these trends are a result of the need for more ecosustainable fashion worldwide

In 2019, the global market value of vintage apparel was estimated to have touched 28 billion U.S. dollars and continues to show an upward trend even in the current year

What about the future of the vintage fashion ?

Looking at the recent trends, vintage fashion is forecasted to show an upward trend in the years to come with new stores bringing up new vintage ideas into their clothing collection.

But why is the vintage style back again?

Modern fashionista realize the fact that even the vintage clothes can be adaptable to latest modern trends and these timeless classics can become part of any closet with whatsoever style one wants.

Fashion trends come and go but the latest one is here to stay Best of all, it doesn’t break your bank. Just as any other style, even fashion trends draw inspiration from the oldies, clearly shown by the old fashion coming back to style . It’s no more a secret that like any other trend, fashion is too cyclical.

Here’s a great tip for you. Never throw away your favourite pieces of denim or tees as you never know when they come back in style. The classic clothing style has stood the test of time and is back again in a full circle

From head scarves to bell bottoms and full scale skirts are once again the hot favourite among the trendsetters It’s strange that once so seemingly funny becomes cool again Let’s get that straight Vintage fashion is back and is officially at it’s peak now

**Let’s dive into some of the hottest vintage trends making their way to the closet of the modern trendsetters **

Designers have been reinventing the circle skirts and crop tops with latest accessories to give them a modern edge. Duster coats and head scarves that fell out of fashion for a while are also now making their way to many wardrobes. The resurgence of the old bell bottom look and faux fur coats clearly indicate a shift towards vintage clothing in the fashion realm.

Is your closet ready to give you the old sophisticated street like look ?

It’s time to utilize the pieces of vintage clothing that give off a timeless look in a natural way, and start selling. Start today with HEFA!